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Right, so what’s all this about? Big picture stuff, nice, where the little details get in the way, not so nice. Daily conundrums that open up a veritable can of worms on yo’ ass. Things like, well, recently, where do pathogens come from and why do they hang around if they’re not welcome? Perhaps we’re not welcome, perhaps we are the intruders, the usurpers, and the revolution that is coming is not ours to enjoy.

Phwoar, these are big questions. On a level of when did time begin, or do stairs go up, or down? Do you yawn in your sleep? Wait, what? Why do your fingers and toes go wrinkly in the bath while nothing else does? If the sky is the limit, then what is space? Over the limit? Heck, let’s ask Elon. Speed-dial. ring, ring, hello? What?

See? Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing, we’re just adlibbing it as best we can. That’s what makes us human. Beautifully flawed, just rambling along, drowning slowly in the stream of life and consciousness. Now, before I fall completely to pieces staring into the indifferent void, buy the frickin’ shirt, by Mode: Random (yes, the jokes on you) and put me out of my misery.

3XL White T-shirts available on request for “WTF”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.

– 100% soft combed cotton tee (160gsm).
– Brand fitted, individually styled.
– Enzyme washed, for a super-soft finish.
– Screen printed, for durability and longevity.
– Made in South Africa – proudly.

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Mens, Ladies




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