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Tshirt Bonds

Tshirt Retail Bonds

Orders which mature over a period of time to increase substantially in their value? You heard right – maturing Tshirt Bonds, another Tshirt Terrorist first!

When you buy a bond from Tshirt Terrorist, we’ll send you more tees than what you ordered when your Bond order matures. The maturation period will be updated regularly, just check the timer below and order before the current active purchase period expires.

About Us

Tshirt Terrorist is a leading South African T-shirt brand, making quirky, funny, cool graphic tees. We design original geeky, nerdy, parody, satirical and pop culture t-shirts along with some of the leading local graphic designers, artists and illustrators. Always humorous, often offensive, generally awesome, our designs are independently created, our tees are soft-cotton sourced from local manufactories, and our prints are factory printed for high detail finish and durability. Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts To Die For. Since 2004. Stay with it.

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