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Signature Artists

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Meet the artists behind our new designer range

Tshirt Terrorist is releasing a new series of classic designer tees by local artists, illustrators and graphic designers.  Each artist will compile their own signature range, adding new designs, developing new styles and design directions over time, presenting you with even more original art on our locally made tees. Meet the artists below and link to their work, and buy their tees in our new shop section: Signature Series

Luke Molver

graphic novelist / illustrator / designer / durban, south africa

luke w molver signature for his designer t-shirt range

After having his nervous system burned out in a Memphis hotel, Luke decided to attempt a living from illustration, comic books and design rather than return to his previous job as a secret agent on Mars.  He has been published in a variety of graphic anthologies including Mamba Comix, Laugh It Off, Velocity and Graflit; particpated in several comic and street art exhibitions; performed with a number of horrorcore rap outfits and is also ten-time winner of the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship.

Luke is currently completing the second chapter of his own self-published, cyber-fi punknoir comic book 'Nero', around which his Tshirt Terrorist Signature Series is based. It's a sun-bleached, stained-steel tale of futuristic South Africa, soaked in dark satire and ultraviolence and not suitable for children or the very normal.

Luke will be launching Nero: Metamorphosis at the Open Book Comic Festival in September in Cape Town, and will be available for sale online after that.

Tshirt Terrorist met Luke Molver online, of all places. Immediately impressed with the sophistication of his work and his signature style, collaborative plans were put in place. Apart from the work we’ll be doing on our classic range of comic and graphic tees; our parody pieces and pop-culture stylings, Luke will be given free range to explore the possibilities of his art on tees, and we’re sure there’ll be many.

Initially, we’ll open with sequences of his acclaimed Neroverse release. An intense, darkly lit, Gibson-esque graphic sermon with local overtures. These prints will be water-based silkscreened as A2 white prints on both the front and the back of our premium black locally-made brand fit tees.

Enjoy these limited edition “signature” tees and support the artists forging ahead in the uncharted territories of our collective unconscious, with imaginations unbridled, unhinged, or both.

Get In Touch

website: lukemolver.com

facebook: lukemolverart

interview: sacreativenetwork

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Kitchen Dutch

fine artist / illustrator / graphic designer / port elizabeth, south africa

kitchen dutch logo

The art of AJ van Niekerk AKA “Kitchen Dutch” – a fine artist and illustrator from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape – is as hardcore as the punk art he claims forms the basis of his inspiration. Sharp witted, bitten-to-the-quick acerbic and scathing, his hard-hitting social commentary and political parody and satirical pieces have now found a home on Tshirt Terrorist in a series of Signature tees that best define his fine-line and line crossing style.

Direct and to the point and superbly, sublimely, rendered, his signature range of popular TV caricatures, celebrity mock-ups and rip-offs, political masqueraders and Scarfe-esque monsters will be printed on our pure cotton, locally sourced tees with pride, because artists like Kitchen Dutch is where we feel it’s at, cutting to the heart of the issue and drawing blood. The art and soul of punk counter-culture, brought to you proudly by Kitchen Dutch, and Tshirt Terrorist.

It’s time for you to learn a little Kitchen Dutch, so climb on board and we’ll dose you up. As AJ says, ‘Kitchen Dutch is like your mother’s cooking, only in a visual format…’ Enjoy!

Get In Touch

website: kitchendutch.com

instagram: kitchendutch

interview: sacreativenetwork

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