Plus 1 Tshirt Bond


Buy 2 Get 3! That’s 1 free tee when your Plus 1 Bond matures. See the description below for more information on how to unlock this epic saving. Earn Double XP, when you purchase this product!

Purchase this product now and earn 156 XP!

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Product Description


Buy 2 Get 3!
The purchase value of your order will increase when your bond matures
to include one free tee!

Introducing Tshirt Terrorist’s Tshirt Plus Bonds. Invest in this product and watch your bond’s value increase once it matures.

To unlock incredible savings, there are four Tshirt Plus Bonds to choose from:
Plus 1 / Plus 2 / Plus 3 / Plus 4.

How does it work?

As with regular bonds or treasuries, we’re offering you an opportunity – an investment in your future fashion look. Purchased bonds will increase in value when they mature.

When you buy a bond from us, you will be asked to wait for a short period, traditionally between 30 and 60 days, for your bond to mature. Once it does, you will receive instructions which will allow you to redeem your bond order for t-shirts which match the maturity value of your bond.

With Plus 1 bonds, the purchase value is the same as for two tees. Once your bond matures you can redeem it for an order of three tees, instead of two, which means you get a free tee over and above your original purchase value. That’s a great saving!

Your bond will never expire. You are welcome to hold onto it for as long as you like. Enjoy yet another first from SA’s leading independent Tshirt Co. Now offering awesome fashion investment opportunities. We’re the best. And our tees rock!

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