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Shop our latest cool and funny graphic tees, from leading local t-shirt designers and South African clothing brands.

locally made, original design… always!

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T-shirt Bonds

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2022 Bonds Mature in:

Looking for cool tees at half price, or less? Look no further. Tshirt Terrorist is offering a retail first – Tshirt Bonds.

Buy 2022 Bonds any time between now and July 01, and watch them mature to more than double their value on 01 August 2022!

Get twice as many tees as you paid for.

How does it work? See FAQ

Purchase Your Bond Within:
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Gift Cards

A Tshirt Terrorist Gift Card is the ideal alternative if you’re looking to buy someone tees, but you’re not quite sure which ones to get them – they’re all so great, right? Why not gift them a card, and they can place their own order, selecting the t-shirts that they want.

We do all the work, you get to look good. And so do they. Win win win…



Locally Made

Our pure cotton tees are made right here in South Africa, ensuring a lowered footprint for our range and reduced waste across the planet.


Free Delivery

We offer free local shipping on orders over R850.00. International customers enjoy expedited shipping via DHL direct to your door.


Wide Range

Tshirt Terrorist T-shirts are to die for! We bring out the best tees imaginable from some of the top t-shirt creators in South Africa. Go on, Become A Terrorist!

Piercing Blue Batman Vengeance Men's Graphic T-shirt - black - folded long

Graphic Tees

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Owl Gamma Ray Graphic Unisex Black Hoodie - folded


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Cat and Mickey Mouse Gamma-Ray Graphic Design Men's Tee - charcoal - folded long

Funny Tees

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you’re about to enter a world of tees

come, stay awhile

Established in 2004 by the enviable T-shirt Wizard, Harry Fokker, Tshirt Terrorist has everything you need. Cool graphics, sweet quality tees, and a little something extra besides. We’re different, is why. Our designs – not your average run of the mill; our style – so completely our own, and they’ll envy you for it; to the way we go about our business, which is to ensure you stay dressed in the best damn tees on the planet. Well, we like to think so anyway, and once you’ve taken a look we’re sure you’ll agree – Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts to die for! Hang around, make a nuisance of yourself, that’s why we’re here. We’ll make your wildest dreams come true. OK, maybe that is taking it too far, but we’ll put you on the right track at least.
The rest is up to you.

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About Us

Tshirt Terrorist is a leading South African clothing brand, specialising in always humorous, often offensive, generally awesome, locally made, original concept pop culture parody prints. Our designs are created independently by local designers, our tees are soft-cotton sourced from local manufactories, and our prints are screen printed for high detail finish and durability. Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts To Die For. Since 2004. Stay with it.

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