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Black Friday Tshirt Bonds Now Available

introducing maturing tshirt bonds
what are they? how do they work?

Bonds when purchased, will Double In Value when they mature.
There are 4 T-shirt Bonds to choose from.
Bonds will work alongside site specials and t-shirt purchases.
Their base value will also count towards Free Shipping.

Looking for cool tees at half price, or less? Look no further. Tshirt Terrorist is offering a retail first – Tshirt Bonds. Purchase a Tshirt Bond during any designated purchase period and watch the value of your bond more than double when it matures during the maturity period. The timeline difference between a purchase and a maturity period may be anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks, so essentially, you are working towards an extended discount on our products, by allowing a set time to pass, between order purchase and order redemption. The bond therefore earns interest over this period, where the value will eventually double, allowing you to get twice as many tees as you paid for.

Each bond has a value representing either 1, 2, 3, or 4 tees, and upon maturation will represent a real order value of either 2, 4, 6 or 8 tees. Once you order a bond, you will receive your bond ticket as well as an order number. Once the maturity period is reached, simply return your ticket and order number to the email we will provide and a Tshirt Terrorist Bond Specialist will assist you with your order. Your bond will never expire. You are welcome to hold onto it for as long as you like. Maturation dates will be as advertised on our website and confirmed with your order. Enjoy yet another first from SA’s leading independent Tshirt Co. Now offering awesome fashion investment opportunities. We’re the best. And our tees rock!


1. BRONZE – SAVE 50%
Purchase Value = R299-00 : 1 T-shirt
Maturity Value = R598-00 : 2 T-shirts 
2. SILVER – SAVE 50%
Purchase Value = R599-00 : 2 T-shirts
Maturity Value = R1196-00 : 4 T-shirts
3. GOLD – SAVE 55%
Purchase Value = R849-00 : 3 T-shirts
Maturity Value = R1794-00 : 6 T-shirts
Purchase Value = R1099-00 : 4 T-shirts
Maturity Value = R2392-00 : 8 T-shirts

New Tees – New Supplier
Same Awesome Designs

We’ve partnered with a major apparel supplier in Cape Town to completely revamp our range of men’s and ladies’ cotton tees.

We have not been idle this past while, there has been much stoking of the furnaces and turning of the millstones at TT HQ, and in the factories that supply us there has been much discussion around what makes a good tee great, to print on, to put on and basically to not want to take off.

We’ve done our research, approached local (and international) brands and platforms, and most importantly, spoken to some of you, our audience, our loyal and much loved supporters, and the outcome of all of this pencil-sharpening, tape-measuring, cotton dyeing and fabric cutting, has been… pattern making, and we think we’ve done it, in fact, we know we have, created an epic new tee that we are seriously proud of, and we know you will be too.

Why not hit it up through checkout, in eight awesome colours, across our men’s and ladies’ styles, and along with the designs you have come to know and love, you’ll now find them printed on a sweet new tee with a fresh new fit and feel that will grow on you, like a second skin.

How sure are we that we have created the perfect tee? Our quality guarantee remains in place, as it always has, while we continue to grow and develop a top-notch South African T-shirt brand. We’ll replace or refund anything you are not entirely satisfied with, all at our own printing and shipping cost. Just one more reason for you to checkout our epic, locally created, artful tees. We’re awesome on so many levels, and we back ourselves to keep delivering, the designs you want on the tees that do them justice.

See you in our shop then, which incidentally is this way… over here

Introducing Mobicred for Tshirt Terrorist
what is it? how does it work?

Mobicred is a revolving credit facility offered through online vendors, including Tshirt Terrorist,
that allows customers to purchase products and pay for them over time.

Your purchase completes through our online payment gateway, PayFast,
where Mobicred is listed as a payment option.

Once you have set-up an approved Mobicred account by completing their application process [HERE]
you can place your order with Tshirt Terrorist and pay for it using the credit offered to you by Mobicred.

Mobicred is a registered financial services provider. For more information access the link above.
You will be returned to Tshirt Terrorist following your application. 


Tshirt Terrorist has a ‘hassle-free’ return and exchange policy. If any t-shirt you receive does not fit, and you’d like to exchange it for a different size, simply get in touch and we will exchange your item or your order for the correct size, at our own cost. Once you are happy that the new tee fits, we will collect the incorrectly sized tee. Further, if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your full order amount, including any shipping fees that you were charged, collecting these items from you in the process.

Should you require any further information on returns, please feel free to contact us.



The image below will give you an indication where we take our measurements on our t-shirts. The graph further below gives the actual measurements for each size in our curve, taken with the shirt lying on a flat surface, fabric at rest (no stretch).

Length = from the top of the right (facing) neckline, where the shoulder seam meets the neck stitch, to the bottom of the shirt, straight down.

Width = from under the right (facing) armpit across the chest to the edge of the seam under the left armpit.

Tshirt Terrorist Sizing Chart for T-shirt sizes

All Tshirt Terrorist Tees are pure cotton items, sourced from local suppliers who use 160 gsm (gram) fabric. The best results for washing your tee will come from a cold machine wash (0 degrees, not 30 degrees.)

Most cotton when washed for the first time may be liable to shrink up to 5% or 1/2 size, and Tshirt Terrorist tees are no different. Our tees are not pre-shrunk, yet, given the thick weave of our 160 gsm t-shirts, this shrinkage is marginal. This tendency for cotton fibers to shorten when first washed should be taken into account, especially if you are measuring your pre-existing shirts (which might have shrunk) using our graph above in order to get an accurate sizing comparison. The best way to minimise standard cotton shrinkage is to hand wash your t-shirt for the first wash, and then allow to dry on a flat surface.

Our tees, once washed, seldom require ironing. Drip drying on a line should be sufficient, although try keep your tee out of direct sunlight while drying, or dry them inside out. As a rule, repeated exposure to sunlight has been known to bleach dyed cotton. Under no circumstances should you tumble dry your Tshirt Terrorist Tshirt. We cannot guarantee that tumble dryed tees won’t shrink significantly (one whole size). And lastly, it goes without saying – never bleach, and never iron on the print. If you need to iron, iron reverse side only.


In a world of “duplicate authorship” where content, particularly on t-shirt websites, is repeated across platforms, isn’t it welcome to hear that our designs are original creations. Sure, they reference popular culture, memes and trends, but the designs you see on our site started out as creatively inspired ideas that illustrators and artists were employed to complete. The authenticity of our process is assured. These t-shirts are one of a kind, limited edition prints. You won’t find them elsewhere. If you do, they’ve been copied off our site (bootlegged, pirated, plagiarised – call it what you want) and while we can’t follow up on every instance of copying, nor advise you from purchasing generic brands, we’ll keep our design process sound, so that you can wear our t-shirts with confidence knowing you’re getting the real deal.


Our printing partners have been with us for a long time. They know and agree with our high standards. Each t-shirt is hand screen printed (silkscreened) using either plastisol or water-based ink, depending on the design. The process may take longer than Direct to Garment (DTG) services, but our quality is better. Each print is properly heat cured to ensure you receive a durable design that will weather numerous wash cycles which, when coupled with our pure cotton, fitted garments, means you’re getting a t-shirt that you’ll want to wear and keep wearing. Tshirt Terrorist is front of the cupboard stuff.


Tshirt Terrorist is a small company looking to make cool and trendy tees. We wear the t-shirts we make and high five ourselves every time we come across one of our tees in the “wild” – usually on someone having as a good a time in them as we are. It’s not about the bottom line, or shifting product; profit margins. Those things are nice, sure, but from the start it’s been about making t-shirts that people want to wear. That’s the bottom line as far as we’re concerned. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, get in touch. We’ll replace your tee (re-print and re-ship) at our own cost.


Tshirt Terrorist is a made to order T-shirt design consortium, producing original concept artwork on locally sourced tees. On this page we’ll detail the order process, including expected shipping times associated with your T-shirt order, allowing you to plan around estimated lead and delivery times, ensuring you get your shirts, and in particular gift shirts, when you need them.


Tshirt Terrorist will generally only print T-shirts once they have been ordered from our website. Given the number of designs we offer, in a variety of colour and style combinations, it is unfeasible for us to carry our entire range in stock.

Once you place and pay for an order, we will schedule your printing on the first upcoming print run, generally either a Thursday or a Monday. To ensure less of a lead time for your order, place it on a Sunday or Wednesday, and we’ll print it the very next day. Print lead times are approximately 5-7 working days. This is the time it takes for our printing partner to queue the design and print it within their factory process. Once printed and sent back to us, Tshirt Terrorist will ship your order within a further 1-2 working days.

Generally speaking, with processes operating at prime capacity, local orders will be received within 1-3 weeks of order placement (75% off all local orders arriving within 2 weeks/ 100% within 3 weeks), and international orders between 3-5 weeks from placement (50% of all international orders arriving within 3 weeks; 75% of all international orders arriving within 4 weeks/ 100% within 5 weeks).


Local shipping is accommodated through a dedicated courier delivery service. Tshirt Terrorist no longer offers standard postal delivery as an option. 

Our Courier partner is currently MDS Collivery. The costs associated with deliveries are standard regardless of whether we are delivering within a city centre or to a rural or outlying area. The courier shipping costs are as follows:

  • R99 for 1 Tshirt
  • R129 for 2 Tshirts
  • R159 for 3 Tshirts
  • 4 Tshirts+ = Free Shipping**Any order for delivery within South Africa, regardless of the number of individual units (tees or hoodies) it contains, will ship for free if the order value is over R850.00. This is traditionally four tees, although coupon discounts may affect this.

Local shipping rates as stated include packaging and handling costs and apply to orders delivered within South Africa only.

Speed Services Couriers will deliver to your nearest Post Office (local branch) where after you will be notified by phone that your order is ready for collection. As stated, if there is no-one to take collection at your delivery address (MDS will only complete a delivery if someone is on hand to physically sign for an order – please let us know in your order notes) or if you list a PO Box as your delivery address, Tshirt Terrorist will assign Speed Services to your order.

Traditional lead times for your order, from placement to delivery are therefore anywhere between 10 – 15 working days (2 – 3 weeks) with 75% of order being delivered within 2 weeks.

Traditional lead times for your order, from placement to delivery are therefore anywhere between 10 – 15 working days (2 – 3 weeks) with 75% of order being delivered within 2 weeks.


It is possible, given the number of orders we receive, and that our outlets have stock in print for offline sales, that your order is in print when you place it. If we have your shirt/s in print we will ship within 1 – 2 days of order placement, meaning your order will arrive within 5 working days of payment.

While we cannot guarantee the above, and need to state our print to order system is the standard operating process for T-shirt orders, if your order is urgent please contact us beforehand to determine the availability of the shirts you require, and we will advise you whether we can immediately ship your order or not. In instances of gift orders, or shirts for events, contact us before placing your order and we can suggest alternative tees available for immediate shipping, or different size or colour combinations, that are available to ship immediately.

Local shipping rates as stated include packaging and handling costs and apply to orders delivered within South Africa only.


As of 2018 Tshirt Terrorist offers EXPEDITED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING via DHL. Shipping rates will be charged at R199.00 per item added. Expedited shipping is a 24-72 hour door to door service. Your order will arrive within 3 days of the shipping date. Please note, most orders will still need to process, which includes production and printing, a two week process.

All orders, regardless of whether they are local or international, will be charged in ZAR (South African Rands). This applies to international shipping rates. As a general rule, shipping for all international orders will be charged at ZAR199.00 per Tshirt, including order handling and packaging and order registration and international tracking.

Local and international shipping rates and shipping rate options are subject to change without notice dependent on local and international distribution variables.

Should you require any further information on your order and/ or shipping variables, please feel free to contact us.



To order T-shirts from Tshirt Terrorist, select the item/s you’d like to purchase from the Shop section. Once you have added these items to your Cart, by first selecting Colour and Size options, you can proceed to Checkout via your Cart, and calculate Shipping.

Shipping values are system programmed and depend on the number of items you have in your Cart/ your location/ the Shipping service you have selected for your order. Local orders have two service loaded – Postal Delivery and Courier Delivery, and international orders are shipping using International Airmail. Once Shipping has been calculated and added to your order, you will be directed to Checkout.

During the Checkout process your delivery address will need to be added. You can either log in to your account, or sign up for an account, where the system stored delivery details will be allocated to your order, or you can proceed through Checkout without logging in, and simply add your delivery address when prompted.


Tshirt Terrorist accepts online payments via PayFast. The service is secure, fully bit-encrypted and rapid. You will be directed to PayFast via the Checkout page if this option is selected. You may also pay for your order via Direct Bank Deposit (EFT). In order to make use of this facility please contact us via email and we will update an order manually for you and present this order to you for payment.

International customers may also make use of PayPal. In order to pay via PayPal, please contact us. This service is at present not available for local (RSA) orders.


Mens’ Tees:

Tshirt Terrorist T-shirts are ‘brand-fitted’. By this we mean – not too baggy, not too tight, fitted around the shoulders with some play around the chest and waist. Given the stylish finishing on our shirts, we’re confident you’ll find them both comfortable and fashionable.

Ladies’ Tees:

Our ladies tee is a new addition to the family, and we’re proud of it! That being said, it is a rather trim and petite cut. If you’re not used to wearing fitted ladies tshirts it would be best if you consult the sizing table below and compare these measurements to shirts you already own, keeping in mind that washed shirts are generally smaller than unwashed items.


Tshirt Terrorist works on a print to order basis. It is physically and financially impossible for us to keep all design / colour / size combinations offered through our online store in print at all times. We print when you order. Specifically, we collect all orders during a week and print the following Monday. This mitigates printing costs, and allows us to provide you with our tees at a reasonable price. The one drawback is that you would need to wait for a period of between 10 – 15 working days to receive your order. International orders may take up to 20 working days to arrive.

Often, if the shirts you have ordered are in print, we will ship within 3 working days. If you’d like to know whether the shirt you would like to order is in print and available for immediate shipping, please email us. We will always try and work according to event/ gift deadlines, and will do our best to get our shirts to you as soon as possible.

During periods of increased activity, we may step up the process to twice weekly – on a Monday and Thursday. All printing and delivery schedules are emailed to you following your order placement.

As a general rule, to reduce the time you need to wait to receive your order, place your order on a Sunday, and we will print that Monday.

For more information on shipping times please see our shipping guide.


Tshirt Terrorist does not offer custom printing. You can’t send us an image for printing because our processes are too complicated, and quality-intensive, to print one-off-items.


To sign up as a Terrorist you need to create an account on the Tshirt Terrorist website. As a Terrorist you will have greater control over the ordering process. You will be able to place and track a number of different orders, which will be recorded on your account page – “Terrorist Base”.

Terrorist will also be allocated various member benefits. The nature of these benefits will be outlined on the Tshirt Terrorist website as and when they become available.


We’ve posted detailed information in this section about our products and services. If your question remains unanswered please contact us and we will assist you directly.

If you would like to take a look at the legal stuff, you can visit the pages below

About us
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

About Us

Tshirt Terrorist is a leading South African clothing brand, specialising in always humorous, often offensive, generally awesome, locally made, original concept pop culture parody prints. Our designs are created independently by local designers, our tees are soft-cotton sourced from local manufactories, and our prints are screen printed for high detail finish and durability. Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts To Die For. Since 2004. Stay with it.

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