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Gamma-Ray Design

Elon Musk is an entrepreneurial spirit with a bit of the whirlwind about him. And then there was that Podcast. OK, we took it all in (a deep drag) and then released this t-shirt. Gamma Ray as quick off the mark as they come. It was time to legalise it (and we don’t mean space travel – well, not that kind of space at least) but even so, SHAREHOLDERS. Dude! SECURITIES EXCHANGE. Dude! Consequences Of Your Actions. Don’t take a hit of that devil’s weed. Oh, ok, just a small hit. Yes, you look like an amateur – nice move. Don’t make it look like you use this shit to get to sleep after a killer shift at Tesla – fixing all those itsy-bitsy parts to the bottom of cars with the best of them/ going to meetings with the big wigs (Bezos – who also wants to get high)/ The Inventor of Products and all where that comes from – nudge, nudge, wink, wink. And yes, it was a BFR – Big Fucking Roach, but that’s all behind us now. Now, we set our sights on Mars, the red planet, from the blueish-greenish planet, where only the rich will get tickets while the rest of us drown in the less than clinical understanding of what it takes to be at the forefront of getting the hell outa hell before the tides rise. And exhale. Phwoar-out!

– 100% soft combed cotton tee (160gsm).
– Brand fitted, individually styled.
– Enzyme washed, for a super-soft finish.
– Screen printed, for durability and longevity.
– Made in South Africa – proudly.

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