South Africa and the Angolan Bush War
(Angola 1966 – 1989)

buffel soldaat buffalo soldier












There was a Buffel Soldaat in the heart of Angola,
Stolen from South Africa, brought to Angola,
Smoking on arrival, fighting for survival.

I mean it, when I analyze the ‘stench’ –
To me it makes a lot of sense

How the privileged whiteboy was a Buffel Soldaat,
And he was taken from South Africa, brought to Angola,
Fighting on arrival, smoking for survival.

Said he was a Buffel Soldaat, Dreadlord bastard
Buffel Soldaat in Russian Angola.

If you know your Sativa,
Then you would know where I’m coming from,
Then you wouldn’t have to ask me,
What’s this dagga in your duffel, privaat?

I’m just a Duffel Soldaat in this mess of a Border,
Stolen from South Africa, shoved into a Cassper,
Said he was fighting in a Ratel, Transported in a Buffel;
Said he was a poster boy for DENEL, ambushed in a Rooikat

Buffel Soldaat
troddin’ through a minefield, wo-ho-ooh!

Said he wanna run, intestines aint much fun,
When you hold them in your hand, yea-hea, yea-ea.

Said he was a Buffel Soldaat win the war for Apartheid;
Buffel Soldaat, Dead on Arrival,
Fighting in the bush, escaping in the bush
Driven from the Vaderland to the ass-end of oblivion.

Strippin’ through Caprivi in the arms of Maryjane;
Troopin’ in UNITA, a Buffel Soldaat
Smoking on arrival, fighting for the Sergeant:
Buffel Soldaat, fresh out of Basics

Stoners in the absence of reality


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