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[vc_service icon_name=”fa-globe” title=”Locally Made” icon_color=”#686868″ heading_color=”#ffffff” position=”sb_center”]Tshirts made to order in South Africa.


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a few featured tshirts
these are a few of our favourite tees 

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fresh new shirts
these new designs are now in stock

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Choose your poison: Comic Art / Graphic Design / Rude and Offensive. 


shop now online


shop now online


shop now online


Site Wide Sale – All Tees R145*
*shipping delayed – end October release
**free shipping on orders of 4 or more

Tshirt Terrorist will once again be attending rAge – the gaming and tech convention at the Northgate Dome, 9-11 October. Until our return from these commitments all t-shirts online have been reduced to R145-00 (with our free shipping on local orders of 4 shirts or more still in effect). 

How does it work? The Tshirt Terrorist Team has left the building.  All our shirts have been marched towards the magnificent machine that is Africa’s premium gaming and technology show. Unable to fulfill our online orders until our return we’re dropping our prices, allowing you to pre-order your favourite Tshirt Terrorist T-shirts for less. Much less. Standard retail is R195-00, and if you add free shipping into the equation, well… we know you’re pretty smart – you wouldn’t be cruising our site if you weren’t – but you don’t need to be a genius to see this is a seriously cool kitting opportunity!

We’ll be processing orders from roughly 20 October. Shipping will resume on 27 October, with most orders placed during the sale scheduled to arrive end October, so browse around and fill your carts in the interim. Oh, almost forgot. We’ll be adding another 10 to 15 designs to our range. Just like that. It’s what we do. The best original concept popular, alternative and urban culture artwork hands down.

Hands up who wants some? Move along then – click click click… EVERYTHING to see here. Just follow your heart through our shop and

Harry Fokker
& Team Tshirt Terrorist 

hello, t-shirt addict!
we’ve been expecting you

Yes. You. Don’t act all surprised – you dig t-shirts. Cool, funny and offensive shirts. And what do you know, that’s where we come in. At Tshirt Terrorist, you see, we make t-shirts. And not just t-shirts, but T-shirts To Die For. Once you get wind of our cotton all bets are off, the race is run, horses have bolted gates have shut, the lights are out and the jury? Anything but. Our tees rock. Seriously. Our tshirts rock paper scissors, in the right order, always. For example. If another company’s t-shirts paper, ours scissor. Then let’s say that same company, their shirts evolve and adapt and whammo! all of a sudden their tees rock? Yeah? Well, ours paper. There’s no getting around it. Our shirts completely scissor all the other brands out there. And that’s why you’re here. To check them out. Because you heard about us, or perhaps you’re simply lucky enough to have stumbled upon us. Either way lucky you. This is your lucky day. And once you receive your order every day forward will be your lucky day. Because you’re about to be dressed by Tshirt Terrorist. And that’s a promise.


About Us

Tshirt Terrorist is a leading South African T-shirt brand, making quirky, funny, cool graphic tees. We design original geeky, nerdy, parody, satirical and pop culture t-shirts along with some of the leading local graphic designers, artists and illustrators. Always humorous, often offensive, generally awesome, our designs are independently created, our tees are soft-cotton sourced from local manufactories, and our prints are factory printed for high detail finish and durability. Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts To Die For. Since 2004. Stay with it.

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15 4th Avenue
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