robert mugabe jacob zuma they must all fall meme


Here at Tshirt Terrorist we’re not averse to a little controversy filtering through the rosy tinted lens. We actively, and under the right conditions, positively encourage it. Remember that Robert Guy, who took a tumble? Well, our Commander-and-Thief wishes to copy him so perhaps it’s time we lend him a hand.

Do us a favour. Either repost this pic on your social media. Or retouch other fall-guy memes with Zuma’s mugshot. Go wild and let’s open this up again. Ripe for the picking is this guy right here. Both of them, truly, but this guy?This guy? Right here. Right now. The Rand should not be the only thing that tumbles.

best bet… repost your new #zumamustfall memes to our facebook and we’ll share them:
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