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Tshirt Terrorist has been synonymous with cool, original South African t-shirt art since back in the day (read: 2008, when we launched our online shop). Since those early, formative years, we’ve populated our store and your world with the often mad, sometimes crazy conceptual creations of Tshirt Terrorist founder and owner, Harry Fokker.

Fokker would, through means both various and dubious, inspire, conjure up even, the ideas behind the seriously epic designs you’ve come to know and love and in most cases, own. What we really wanted though, for some time, was to involve local graphic designers, illustrators and artists more inclusively in the process.

Yes, Harry Fokker has some great ideas, concepts with staying power and relevancy, concepts that mimic and parody and barb, and through the skills of our league of freelance and agency designers they’ve become seriously awesome tees, but these artists have their own ideas too, and most importantly, their own unique take on things, their individual and captivating styles – their signature ‘vibe’ if you will, and this is how the idea for our new Signature range of designer tees came about.

We’ve thrown the doors of our shop wide open. Select designers will submit their own work for sale on our locally sourced, fashion fitted shirts.  Each designer, either a previous member of our team, or new talent we have sourced, once selected, will build their range of signature tees – owning the creative process, producing the kind of art they want to share and becoming a part of a platform that holds the ideals of t-shirt design as the pinnacle of its development.

At Tshirt Terrorist it has always been about the Art, not the Copy. That beautiful, gritty, heart-stopping moment of creation; the passionate compulsion that drives cutting edge design and delivers it to you, not merely the customer, but the wearer of something real and beautifully realised – that something special and definitely, definitively different. A genuine, originated artistic moment, encapsulated in a t-shirt that easily and quite simply, perfectly, becomes a part of who you are.

With our Signature range, as we allow artists to truly free and express themselves, we will continue to hold these ideals true. Harry Fokker will still generate the concepts behind the ongoing Tshirt Terrorist range, but with the assistance now of designers who are likewise creating their own tees and are by extension closer to both the process and the product. And this, of course, will result in more awesome tees, more often. Long live the t-shirt, and long live original t-shirt art. Thanks for your continued support!

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