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Tanks a lot army protest

Rolling Iron

We are fathering protests In our fathers’ prison states And we’ll all be reunited...

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Ponting for President

  And now… in our latest instalment of Hardly-Demotivational Posters we bring you… The...

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unfollowing jesus on twitter is a bad idea

Follow Jesus on Twitter

  Why not follow Harry Fokker on twitter? Just sewing the seed. He’s not...

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Wildcat Tendencies

 FREE ZAKUMI from Police Custody Police have confirmed that ZakumiTM was taken into custody...

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muhammed ali boxing julius malema

Democracy Rules, KO

  DISCIPLINE can take MANY FORMS…. Apart from what the ANC top brass suggest...

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Buffel Soldaat

BUFFEL SOLDAAT lyrics South Africa and the Angolan Bush War (Angola 1966 – 1989)...

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hummer general motors bankruptcy

Humvee Dumvee

  Chapter 11. The American Dream Machine all the King’s Horses and all the...

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dalai lama south african entry visa issues

Dude, where’s my VISA?

  THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU (you, not the Dalai Lama, not some...

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hamas is that doggie in the window

Do the Jihad

  TSHIRT TERRORIST SING-ALONG   ah-1, ah-2, ah-1-2-3-4… HAMAS is that doggie in the...

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Tshirt Terrorist is a leading South African clothing brand, specialising in always humorous, often offensive, generally awesome, locally made, original concept pop culture parody prints. Our designs are created independently by local designers, our tees are soft-cotton sourced from local manufactories, and our prints are screen printed for high detail finish and durability. Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts To Die For. Since 2004. Stay with it.

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