Fuck vegetables! These new Koroku decks are The Boss level business. All your tricks are belong to us.


Earn up to 39 XP.

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Happy Chicken Fitness Cult Design

Fuck vegetables! These new Koroku decks are The Boss level business. All your tricks are belong to us. I don’t know either, perhaps it is all, as with life in general sometimes, lost in translation. This deck does produce a mean backflip though.

For those of you interested in purchasing either a Koroku deck, not to be confused with anime decks (maybe 😉 or a Koroku deck t-shirt, here is a list of all the tricks you can pull on this baby, starting with –

Basic Tricks

Backside 180, Backside 360, Backside Caballerial, Backside Half Cab, Fakie Ollie, Frontside 180, Frontside 360, Frontside Caballerial, Frontside Half Cab, Kickturn, Nollie, Nollie Backside 180, Nollie Backside 360, Nollie Frontside 180, Nollie Frontside 360, Ollie, Ollie North, Ollie South, Powerslide, Switch Backside 180, Switch Backside 360, Switch Frontside 180, Switch Frontside 360, Switch Ollie, Tic-Tac.

Flip and Shove-It Tricks

360 Flip, 360 Hardflip, 360 Ollie Heelflip, 360 Ollie Kickflip, 360 Pop Shove-it, 360 Shuvit, 540 Flip, 720  Alpha  Flip, Anti Casper Flip, Backside Bigspin, Backside Flip, Backside Half Cab Heelflip, Backside Half Cab Kickflip, Backside Heelflip, Backside Kickflip, Big Heelflip, Bigflip, Biggerflip, Biggerspin, Bigspin, Bubble Flip, Bullflip, Caballerial Flip, Camel Flip, Casper Flip, Daydream Flip, De Comply, Disco Flip, Double Heelflip, Double Kickflip, Dragon Flip, Fakie 360 Flip, Fakie 360, Hardflip, Fakie Backside Bigspin, Fakie Backside Pop Shove-it, Fakie Frontside Bigspin, Fakie, Frontside Pop Shove-it, Fakie Hardflip, Fakie Heelflip, Fakie Inward Heelflip, Fakie Kickflip, Fakie Varial Heelflip, Fakie Varial Kickflip, Feather Flip, Fingerflip, Forward Flip, Front Foot Impossible, Frontside 360 Pop Shove it, Frontside Bigspin, Frontside Flip, Frontside Half Cab Heelflip, Frontside Half Cab Kickflip, Frontside Heelflip, Frontside Kickflip, Frontside Pop Shove-it, Gazelle Flip, Gazelle Spin, Ghetto Bird, Gingersnap, Grape Flip, Half Cab, Handstand Flip. Hardflip, Haslam Flip, Heelflip, Hospital Flip, Illusion Flip, Impossible Inward Heelflip, Jesus Flip, Kickback Flip, Kickflip, Kiwi Flip, Laser Flip, Late Kickflip, Nerd Flip, Nightmare Flip, No Comply, Nollie 360 Flip, Nollie 360 Hardflip, Nollie 360 Pop Shove-it, Nollie Backside Bigspin, Nollie Backside Heelflip, Nollie Backside Kickflip, Nollie Backside Pop Shove-it, Nollie Frontside Bigspin, Nollie Frontside Heelflip, Nollie Frontside Kickflip, Nollie Frontside Pop Shove-it, Nollie Hardflip, Nollie Heelflip, Nollie Impossible, Nollie Inward Heelflip, Nollie Kickflip, Nollie Laser Flip, Nollie Varial Heelflip, Nollie Varial Kickflip, Ollie North, Ollie South, Orange Flip, Plasma Spin, Pressure Flip, Rail Flip, Semi Flip, Sex Change, Shuvit, Sigma Flip, Switch 360 Flip, Switch 360 Hardflip, Switch Backside Bigspin, Switch Backside Heelflip, Switch Backside Kickflip, Switch Backside Pop Shove-it, Switch Frontside Bigspin, Switch Frontside Heelflip, Switch Frontside Kickflip, Switch Frontside Pop Shove-it, Switch Hardflip, Switch Heelflip, Switch Inward Heelflip, Switch Kickflip, Switch Laser Flip, Switch Varial Heelflip, Switch Varial Kickflip, Toeflip, Triple Kickflip, Underflip, Varial Heelflip, Varial Kickflip.

Grind and Slide Tricks

50-50 Grind, Backside 5-0, Backside 50-50, Backside Bluntslide, Backside Boardslide, Backside Crooked, Backside Feeble, Backside Lipslide, Backside Noseblunt Slide, Backside Nosegrind, Backside Noseslide, Backside Overcrook, Backside Salad, Backside Smith, Backside Suski, Backside Tailslide, Barley Grind, Bertlemann Slide, Bluntslide, Boardslide, Casper Slide, Crail Slide, Crooked Grind, Darkslide, Feeble Grind, Frontside 5-0, Frontside 50-50, Frontside Bluntslide, Frontside Boardslide, Frontside Crooked, Frontside Feeble, Frontside Lipslide, Frontside Noseblunt Slide, Frontside Nosegrind, Frontside Noseslide, Frontside Overcrook, Frontside Salad, Frontside Smith, Frontside Suski, Frontside Tailslide, Hurricane, Hurricane Grind, Layback Grind, Lipslide, Nail Slide, Noseblunt Slide, Nosegrind, Noseslide, Overcrook Grind, Overturn, Primo Grind, Salad Grind, Slash Grind, Smith Grind, Suski Grind, Tailblock Grind, Tailslide, Willy Grind.

Air, Grab, Bowl and Ramp Tricks

540, 720, 900, Airwalk, Axle Drop-In, Backside Axle Stall, Backside Crooked Stall, Backside Disaster, Backside Feeble Stall, Backside Hurricane Stall, Backside Pivot Stall, Backside Rock ‘n’ roll, Backside Smith Stall, Backside Tail Stall, Benihana, Blunt Stall 180 Out, Blunt Stall Pull Back, Blunt Stall to Fakie, Body Jar, Cannonball, Christ Air, Crail Grab, Creeper, Crossbone, Delmar Indy, Double Grab, Drop-In, Fakie Noseblunt Stall, Fakie Rock, Fakie Tail Stall, Frigid Air, Frontside Air, Frontside Axle Stall, Frontside Crooked Stall, Frontside Disaster, Frontside Feeble Stall, Frontside Hurricane Stall, Frontside Nose Pick, Frontside Noseblunt Stall, Frontside Pivot Stall, Frontside Rock ‘n’ roll, Frontside Smith Stall, Frontside Sugarcane Stall, Frontside Sweeper, Frontside Tail Stall, Grosman Grab, Helipop, Indy, Indy Grab, Invert, Japan Air, Judo Air (the one on the tee, I think…), Lien Air, Madonna, McTwist, Melancholy Grab, Melon, Method Air, Mute Air, Nose Grab, Nose Pick, Nose Stall, Nosebone, Nuclear Grab, Riverdance, Roastbeef Grab, Rock to Fakie, Rocket Air, Sacktap, Sal Flip, Saran Wrap, Seatbelt Grab, Slob Air, Stalefish Grab, Stallfish, Stiffy, Superman Grab, Tail Grab, Tailbone, Tuck Knee, Varial.

Footplant Tricks

Bean Plant, Egg Plant, Fastplant, Gymnast Plant, Ho-Ho, Layback Air, Miller Flip, Power Ollie, Sad Plant, Staple Gun, Texas Plant, Texas Two-Step.

Balance Tricks

Manual, Nose Manual, One Foot Manual, One Wheel Manual.

Miscellaneous Freestyle and Old School Tricks

Acid Drop, Alley Oop, Backside Boneless, Backside Wallride, Body Varial, Boneless, Caveman, Coffin, Daffy, Firecracker, Flamingo, Frontside Boneless, Frontside Wallride, Hang Ten, Hippie Jump, Pogo, Primo Stall, Roll In, Strawberry Milkshake, Street Plant, Wallie.

– 100% soft combed cotton tee (160gsm).
– Brand fitted, individually styled.
– Enzyme washed, for a super-soft finish.
– Durable, long-lasting professional print.
– Made in South Africa – proudly.

signature series tshirt terrorist designers

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