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When you’re feeling blue – a phrase for you…


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Happy Chicken Fitness Cult Design

The Smurfs. My favourite. Yours. Perhaps. It’s been so long I can no longer even remember the Smurf theme song. I’m lying. I remember all the theme songs, as if it was only yesterday. Time is not a linear construction, so it was, just yesterday.

Anyway… I’m not sure this is precisely how it is meant to go, but I can tell from your excitement that you get the gist. I think it comes from living in that ridiculous village, side by side with any number of outwardly lovely, inwardly irascible and possibly in-bred blue creatures, overlorded by some old fart patriarch and just one woman, one pretty as you like little blue lady, that you end up having to share with your brothers and cousins and when you get right down to it, if you look at it like that, things are going to get heated, like it or not.

So, smurf you, you smurfing smurf. Just putting this out there.

3XL White T-shirts available on request for “Smurf You”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.

– 100% soft combed cotton tee (160gsm).
– Brand fitted, individually styled.
– Enzyme washed, for a super-soft finish.
– Screen printed, for durability and longevity.
– Made in South Africa – proudly.

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