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Gamma-Ray Design

There is a professor of zoology/ entomology at Wits University who was content to while away his hours doing research on the dung beetle, laboriously and meticulously contributing to a select, rather, seriously niche field where the occasional post-grad would raise an eyebrow, if not a hand, and half-pause thinking: how is this supposed to help me get a job when I leave this sheltered environment, also known as a room with a bar (within walking distance). You know, he even won an ignoble prize for proving that these beetles navigate by the stars while pushing their little shit pellets about (and I’ve wondered, does this mean they have a GPS in their ass, cos their heads are always pointed back down at the earth… anyway…). That was enough to grab the attention of the producers of The Big Bang Theory, and he got a mention in an episode, where Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj bandied the concept about, albeit briefly, but that was enough. The rest as they say, is history, of the fifteen minutes of fame type.

What does this have to do with this design? Nothing. The design is self-explanatory. But I bet you didn’t know about the professor of zoology and his ignoble claim to fame. See? Stick around Tshirt Terrorist, you may learn something. If not, at least you’ll walk away with a cool tee or two.

3XL Steel T-shirts available on request for “Chill Bug”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.

– 100% soft combed cotton tee (160gsm).
– Brand fitted, individually styled.
– Enzyme washed, for a super-soft finish.
– Screen printed, for durability and longevity.
– Made in South Africa – proudly.

signature series tshirt terrorist designers

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