SPEAK ZULU FAST; Avoid the MOB with this easy and comprehensive guide to everyday Zulu, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Foreigners: SPCF, makwerekwere books, 2008, REVISED EDITION, soft cover.
Price: R108.00.

speak zulu fast anti-xenophobia

“Not a moment too soon” The New York Times


Tshirt Terrorist is proud to announce the release of the much anticipated revised edition of “SPEAK ZULU FAST, Avoid the MOB with this easy and comprehensive guide to everyday Zulu.” 

These days, in South Africa, it would seem that we are all strangers in a strange land. How fortuitous then that the SPCF has managed to re-release their bestselling reference tool at this time, when xenophobia has not only reared it’s ugly head in the townships and CBD’s around the country, but opened wide it’s prodigious maw and swallowed Shangaans whole. What luck, this book. What a blessing that the varied proliferation of Street Zulu terms are now available at your fingertips ensuring that, with the mob breathing down your neck you will know, with barely a hesitation, the correct Zulu term for “your elbow“, “your little finger” or, if all else fails: “your father’s dick!“.

Recommended reading for any tourist who looks vaguely African,
any tourist who appears momentarily lost,
or locals too caught up in their role as truly integrated members
of a suitably stable multi-racial society.

SPEAK ZULU FAST is available at all good book shops. Hurry.
Get yours today. No kidding… Hamba!
The Zulus are coming!

The revised edition also features, besides a forward by the honourable Robert Mugabe on tolerance and political sanction in 21st century Africa, an English translation of
Jacob Zuma’s “Machine Gun Song”
so that you too can dance along, waving your assegai,
should you somehow get caught up in a pre-election ANC party rally.

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