Community leader’s response to the South African Slipknot Sword Killings

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, tonight,
our children lie awake
in clubs, in dives, in heroin dens,
listening to bad satanic music*

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, tonight,
the innocent and guilty alike
fall prey, nay, VICTIM
to bad satanic music

When, ladies and gentlemen, o when
will the apples of our eyes
resist the tyranny, and the lies
of bad satanic music

and listen, instead, ladies and gentlemen
to good satanic music,
to great satanic music,
AWESOME satanic music,
like Deicide,
like Cannibal Corpse…

like Kylie Minogue

ninja sword massacre fake nike spoof

When the devil says “Jump!”
tell him I say “Hi!”


*Did you mean: Satanic Music that is bad for you?

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