The war in Iraq is 5 years old today (hoot, hoot!)

Tshirt Terrorist has decided to celebrate the anniversary
of this little misadventure with an Old Favourite

“Little Annie Does Baghdad”

And remember, America… It’s pretty difficult to win a war that doesn’t end.
No matter what Dubya MD (Doctor of War)TM and his cabinet might tell you…
Just because you waltzed into Baghdad on tanks, waving like pageant queens
it doesn’t necessarily mean the show is done and dusted.

Think about it, the next time you vote on “Conflict Resolution”
handing the reigns of the world’s /super-military machine/
to the [oil hungry warmongers]…

The rest of the planet was never in Kansas to begin with
and many of us don’t give a damn where that is anyway.
All we know is that there is a Wicked Witch of the West
and she needs a house to the head, like asap,
by any means necessary…

tomorrow I love annie army spoof


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