tigger as trigger hundred acre hoodlum

Bounce Y’all

Yo, it’s TRIGGA
The one and the only
comin’ at ya hard 
on the bounce Yo… 
so Listen UP Bro… 

Been ‘round the wood
(a few times)
Been ‘round the hood
Up to no good
Up to my usual tricks

Up Up Up Turn it dafuck Up 
Up Up Up Turn it dafuck and 
Let’s bounce Yo
Bounce Bounce Bounce 
Bounce Up Bros
Bounce Up Ya Hos 
Just Fuckin’ Bounce

Been down the Rabbit Hole
(a few times)
Been ‘round the Sandy Pit
Up to no good
Up to my badass tricks

Let’s Bounce Bro
Let’s GO! 

Lyrics posted with permission from Pop A Cap Up Yo’ Ass Productions – Hundred Acre Studios

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