New discount shopping coupon

Use our new all inclusive shopping coupon “2up”
when you add two or more tees to your cart
and receive R30 off each t-shirt added.

of four tees or more still applies!

Try it out NOW!

*The fine print

This coupon will only work when you add 2 t-shirts to your cart. As soon as you add 2 shirts and enter “2up” in the coupon field, found on both your cart and checkout page, your order will be reduced by R30 per shirt added. In other words:
>>> R60 off orders of 2; R9o off orders of 3; R120 off orders of 4; R150 off orders of 5… <<<
Once you add 4 units you will also receive free shipping, so the more t-shirts you add the more discounts you receive. 


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