detailed order and shipping information

Tshirt Terrorist is a made to order T-shirt design consortium, producing original concept artwork on locally sourced tees. On this page we’ll detail the order process, including expected shipping times associated with your T-shirt order, allowing you to plan around estimated lead and delivery times, ensuring you get your shirts, and in particular gift shirts, when you need them.

vinyl style cool and funny tshirt on models


Print To Order

Tshirt Terrorist will generally only print T-shirts once they have been ordered from our website. Given the number of designs we offer, in a variety of colour and style combinations, it is unfeasible for us to carry our entire range in stock.

Once you place and pay for an order, we will schedule your printing on the first upcoming print run, generally either a Thursday or a Monday. To ensure less of a lead time for your order, place it on a Sunday or Wednesday, and we’ll print it the very next day. Print lead times are approximately 5-7 working days. This is the time it takes for our printing partner to queue the design and print it within their factory process. Once printed and sent back to us, Tshirt Terrorist will ship your order within a further 1-2 working days.

Generally speaking, with processes operating at prime capacity, local orders will be received within 1-3 weeks of order placement (75% off all local orders arriving within 2 weeks/ 100% within 3 weeks), and international orders between 3-5 weeks from placement (50% of all international orders arriving within 3 weeks; 75% of all international orders arriving within 4 weeks/ 100% within 5 weeks).

two cotton funny t-shirts worn by models


Local Shipping Times and Rates

Local shipping is accommodated through a dedicated courier delivery service. Tshirt Terrorist no longer offers standard postal delivery as an option. If you require a door to counter service for locally placed orders (when there is no-one available at a street address to take personal delivery of your order, or where you list a PO Box as a delivery address), Tshirt Terrorist will use Speed Services Courier services to deliver your order to the nearest Post Office for collection.

Our Courier partner is currently MDS Collivery. The costs associated with deliveries are standard regardless of whether we are delivering within a city centre or to a rural or outlying area. The courier shipping costs are as follows:

R99 for 1 Tshirt
R129 for 2 Tshirts
R159 for 3 Tshirts
4 Tshirts+ = Free Shipping

Local shipping rates as stated include packaging and handling costs and apply to orders delivered within South Africa only.

Speed Services Couriers will deliver to your nearest Post Office (local branch) where after you will be notified by phone that your order is ready for collection. As stated, if there is no-one to take collection at your delivery address (MDS will only complete a delivery if someone is on hand to physically sign for an order – please let us know in your order notes) or if you list a PO Box as your delivery address, Tshirt Terrorist will assign Speed Services to your order.

Traditional lead times for your order, from placement to delivery are therefore anywhere between 10 – 15 working days (2 – 3 weeks) with 75% of order being delivered within 2 weeks.

Tshirt Terrorist models his and hers


Orders available for immediate shipping

It is possible, given the number of orders we receive, and that our outlets have stock in print for offline sales, that your order is in print when you place it. If we have your shirt/s in print we will ship within 1 – 2 days of order placement, meaning your order will arrive within 5 working days of payment.

While we cannot guarantee the above, and need to state our print to order system is the standard operating process for T-shirt orders, if your order is urgent please contact us beforehand to determine the availability of the shirts you require, and we will advise you whether we can immediately ship your order or not. In instances of gift orders, or shirts for events, contact us before placing your order and we can suggest alternative tees available for immediate shipping, or different size or colour combinations, that are available to ship immediately.

Local shipping rates as stated include packaging and handling costs and apply to orders delivered within South Africa only.

Three male models wearing Tshirt Terrorist


International Shipping Rates (incl. Africa)

International Orders are sent via Large Envelope International Airmail, registered and tracked by SAPO (The South African Post Office). Delivery within the country of receipt will thereafter be handled by the regional postal service or any other delivery service adopted by the counrty/ region of receipt.

Lead times for international orders are the same as for local. We’ll print to order if the order is not in print, or ship immediately if the order is in print. International Airmail, as a service, is reliable, and expedient. Your order will be registered, is therefore traceable, and will be delivered, depending on the region being shipped to, within 10 – 15 working days (2 – 3 weeks). Coupled to the print to order process, most international orders are delivered within 4 weeks of order placement and payment, with 50% of orders being delivered within 3 weeks, and 75% of orders within 4 weeks. All international orders are automatically guaranteed against non-delivery. This means your order is fully refundable in the highly unlikely event of non-delivery, regardless of whether it was undelivered by the South African Post Office to the recipient region, or undelivered by the regional delivery service. In the event of non delivery of an international order, the refund process will occur following an instated trace event, and within 4 weeks of notification of non delivery.

All orders, regardless of whether they are local or international, will be charged in ZAR (South African Rands). This applies to international shipping rates. As a general rule, shipping for all international orders will be charged at ZAR145.00 per Tshirt, including order handling and packaging and order registration and international tracking.

Local and international shipping rates and shipping rate options are subject to change without notice dependent on local and international distribution variables.

Should you require any further information on your order and/ or shipping variables, please feel free to contact us.