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Signature Series

Tshirt Terrorist has been synonymous with cool, original South African t-shirt art since back in the day (read: 2008, when we launched our online shop). Since those early, formative years, we’ve populated our store and your world with the often mad, sometimes crazy conceptual creations of Tshirt Terrorist founder and owner, Harry Fokker. Fokker would, […]

Zuma Must Fall

    Here at Tshirt Terrorist we’re not averse to a little controversy filtering through the rosy tinted lens. We actively, and under the right conditions, positively encourage it. Remember that Robert Guy, who took a tumble? Well, our Commander-and-Thief wishes to copy him so perhaps it’s time we lend him a hand. Do us a […]

North Korean Mousse Season Opens

  Male university students in North Korea are now required to get the same hairstyle, again, as their leader Kim Jong-un. Earlier this year, a state-sanctioned guideline was introduced in the capital Pyongyang, followed by a country wide roll-out. The decree had its detractors, and for good reason: “Our leader’s hairstyle is very particular, if you […]

UCT Unveils Zuma Statue Plans

And in other news, with the removal of the recumbent Rhodes statue from their grounds, The University of Cape Town’s Senate has announced plans to erect a new statue in its place. While the process may seem unnaturally hurried, according to UCT Vice Chancellor, Max Price, who has gone on record previously by stating he too had […]

Social Media

I Wrote A Poem On Social Media But Nobody Liked it It was a post modern moment of a regurgitated soul but I wrote a poem on social media and nobody liked it. I spent the whole day ticking everybody’s status boxes but when I sat down to write something seemingly significant and deliberately poignant nobody gave […]