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funny vader star wars spoof drinking t-shirt
Vader T-shirt – blackFunny Darth Vader T-shirt


Late nights in the Death Star Canteen – early mornings in the Helmet. No wonder he was always so cranky.

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Late nights in the Death Star Canteen – early mornings in the Helmet. No wonder Vader was always so cranky.

Star Wars t-shirts abound on the internet – a profusion to challenge even the highly unexpected (and unprecedented) lolcat invasion. Very few of them, however, live up to spec. Even more have been duplicated into irrelevance. Draught Vader (Or Draft Vader if you’re American, and sorry, no we won’t change it) was an instant classic. Just the right mix of alcohol and Star Wars to wet the appetite of any Generation X candidate worth the tag. The ultimate bar or pub crawl shirt… it even, and get this, almost kind-of-like glows in the dark. Vader is not a Glow In The Dark shirt, as such, but the aqua-green ink on a black background is very lightsaberish. That’s why we did it – a carefully calculated and purely awesome, legitimate rebels-be-damned, welcome-to-the-darkshide-we’ve-got-craft-beer “Darth Vader” Star Wars-reference Tee.

Sizing Note:
3XL Black Men’s T-shirts available on request for “Vader”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.

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