rihanna nirvana black t-shirt
rihanna nirvana black t-shirtRihanna Nirvana Men’s T-shirt – blackRihanna Nirvana Ladies’ T-shirt – black


Don’t you just love this band?



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Do I love this band, or what? I especially like that whole soft-LOUD-soft-LOUD style they coined on that one track, you know, the one FEAT. Kanye West? That’s my ultimate favourite. My favourite favourite, although I have so many, you know, I just love music. All music. I don’t have one particular genre, you know, that is like, my style. I like everything, like, I’m very easy that way. But up to date as well, like on social media and stuff. Like when I saw Nirvana at Coachella this year and I remember turning to my bff and we were both crying it was so… beautiful.

I just had to buy the t-shirt. I was, like… mom, you have to get it for me, from Tshirt Terrorist. Thank you, Tshirt Terrorist, for always stocking the best OFFICIAL MERCH. And for understanding. That just because I was hardly even born yet when Shit was Real, before everything went to pot on MTV and the whole fucking shebang became like some last, desperate coin toss in a game of capitalist beerpong, only, with like, Bavaria Zero, that this doesn’t mean I don’t have an in-depth understanding of myself as a person that doesn’t come from staring at so many selfie camera filter angles you’d be forgiven for thinking the entire planet has become, like, some narcissistic cesspool as we enter the anthropocene. With our eyes wide shut…

3XL Black T-shirts available on request for “Nirvana”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.

Now, don’t forget. This is important…

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Mens, Ladies




S, M, L, XL, 2XL

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