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Howzit, China! This t-shirt design has more levels to it than the original Space Invaders 8-bit Atari game but, essentially, to avoid confusion, yes, it is a comment on the Chinese African invasion, whether by cheap export product overflow, the great big banking and construction industry take-over or the “aid” programs in Zimbabwe and South Africa (and and and and…). You get the picture. You get the design. You Get The Design Now! You no play funny buggers with Mother China! The chairman will be vewy, vewy angwy! You no want no chairman banging your door – no saying this t-shirt is no made in China! This t-shirt is product of fair labour! No sweat shop! Only consumers in China now, no more making stuff! That why the Yuan is so vewy, vewy unstable! Why your emerging market economy so vewy, vewy… buggered.

Jokes aside (and it’s hard, trust us – not joking that is…) there are no cheap imports here, the chairman and his marshals of commerce aside. Tshirt Terrorist is proudly local, so get our latest spoof offering and spread the word. The Invasion will be televised, Gil Scott-Heron. You have no choice other than to enlist with our cool t-shirt brand.

Sizing Note:
3XL Black Men’s T-shirts available on request for “Invasion”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.
Now, don’t forget. This is important…

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