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cubacca star wars chewbacca che guevara red t-shirt
cubacca red t-shirt


Chewy – the true revolutionary. Let’s hear it for the woolly behemoth!

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There are a lot of people who reckon this is a Che T-shirt. Revolution, or however they say it in Cuban. But don’t be fooled. This is a Star Wars styled Chewy T-shirt. Nor is it a cheap imitation. Chewbacca was the true revolutionary. There are also, and it has to be said, a lot of people who don’t know who Chewbacca is. But we don’t have to deal with these guys, really, because they live in the rainforest.

Seriously though, how great is Chewbacca in the new Star Wars movie? But no worries, no spoilers here. Only recognition. George Lucas’ first thought best thought in creating one of the most epic cult characters of all time. And if you can impersonate Chewbacca you need to get this tee, or if your friends have dubbed you Chewbacca because of, well, perhaps, a propensity for growing radical facial hair then likewise. A T-shirt for every occasion. Sometimes getting up in the morning is the only reason you’ll need to splash out in one of our more epic offerings: Cubacca. It’s in the name, y’all!

Sizing Note:
3XL Red Men’s T-shirts available on request for this design. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.
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