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donald trump as a baby growing up fascist t-shirt
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From the mouths of babes, right?

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Where do we begin with Donald Trump? Perhaps where Donald Trump begins is best. One wonders whether a much younger Trump would have as many of these deep rooted prejudices and insecurities so steeped in stereotype as the older version. Did he perhaps, though, have better hair as a child? And was he always so orange? What exactly, come to think of it, is our fascination with this particular freakshow? Has the celebrity frenzy that is our modern hang up addled our reasoning selves and allowed this kind of scum to settle near the surface of our public lives, or are we simply cogs in his masterplan to build walls, to divide and conquer more than the Republican establishment? So many questions. Let’s hope we never have to answer them with any kind of soulful agenda. Is Hillary though, the safer bet? Come to think of it, what has happened to the American political landscape, to have thrown up these two clowns for the much valued position of Commander in Chief.

Where did it all go wrong, and where oh where is it going?

3XL White Men’s T-shirts available on request for “Baby Trump”. Simply order 2XL + request 3XL in Order Notes.
Now, don’t forget. This is important…

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