tshirt terrorist fusion t-shirt design

Are you a designer or an illustrator looking for opportunities to collaborate on t-shirt design projects? Tshirt Terrorist is keen to connect, by way of our new division: Fusion. We’re joining forces with top t-shirt talent to work on a collection of our popular culture tshirt concepts. These tees when complete will be sold on international facilitation platforms such as Threadless, Teepublic, Society6 and Design By Humans, to name a few, as well as Tshirt Terrorist.

If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch here.

new places to buy our art

Many of our designs, including new work with Fusion Artists and even some of our previously limited releases, can now be found on the following reputable platforms. Ideal if you’re looking for one of our designs on a new product, such as a phone case or perhaps a baby grow, or if you’re keen to purchase from outside of South Africa but not so keen on the wait while we ship internationally.  

Visit these sites for new places to buy our art:

rick and morty adultswim cool einstein t-shirt
dirty harry clint eastwood movie t-shirt design
tank girl indie grunge comic t-shirt design
cain and abel spoof t-shirt design
x-ray vision t-shirt design
thor's hummer t-shirt design
tshirt terrorist swag t-shirt design
original hipster superman t-shirt design
wonder woman fan art t-shirt design
cool me men funny drinking t-shirt
ipood funny t-shirt design
ipood hers funny t-shirt design
fight nite dinosaur boxing tshirt design
children at work t-shirt design
al caesar drinking t-shirt design
looters hooters t-shirt design