Taking the Pistorius



In deciding on a decent title for our detour through the moral degeneracy that is the televised Oscar Pistorius trial (and let’s be honest here this media circus is nothing more than an ad grab, ratings gag by impoverished (by their standards) broadcast execs – the price of BMWs and Clifton mansions has skyrocketed in post-Nkandla, emerging market South Africa) we had to dig deeper than usual. Actually, no. The shit is spread so cheaply and thin across the surface that it makes an easy gig for jammers.

We’d like to state for the record that here at Tshirt Terrorist we do have standards. As difficult as this may be for you to accept we seldom stoop to the gross and pitying levels of public Jerry Springer-style fistfight fests. Instead we enjoy a more sophisticated romp through the topical landscape that adds to our collective cultural clime this side of the millennial divide.

And yet, it is hard sometimes not to dip into the swill stagnating around the lowest common denominator events that seem to pull the most interest, and in much the same way accident scenes slow traffic, we have taken our lead from those around us and stopped to gawk. Our decision to add colour to a set that is already as dayglo as a newly-sprung coon carnival has been made under considerable duress. We’d rather there were something better on the tube but all the channels are tuned to dumb.  

So we jumped on the bandwagon with both feet now firmly planted in the manure of our times. Slow out the starting blocks we have generated a fair turn of pace through the final bend and we’re heading into the home straight with the finish line clearly in sight… and digging beneath the surface of our own stock pools we found this beauty from a CELL C spoof we did a while back. It’s the old branding, but what better way to stay out of the dock ourselves than by using an image that has outlived it’s economic purpose in much the same way, we suppose, certain athletic sponsors have survived their own Oscar romance.

Here then, our take on the outcome. Less the need to assign levels of blame – our circus has but one cage where all the animalsbelong. Do Not Pass GO. Do Not Collect Another Eight Olympic Medals. Villain or Victim it matters not when there is a balance to be restored. Stop the rubberneck circle jerking and carry on with your lives. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

Cellblock C - for your sins