Let Them Eat Oil


ronald mc donald brand emblem as hitler

army of clones

Welcome to your world, where every day something else you can’t do without
becomes that much more

homogenized, standardized, anesthetized, traumatized
vandalized, sanitized, franchized, defranchized

Globalized… zzz…

Yesterday you desired cheaper sneakers, generic burgers
Tomorrow you will want Polar Bears and cheaper oil.

A holiday on ICE or wintering in the ALBERTA TAR SANDS

Everything comes at a price, TEA from INDIA, MADE IN CHINA NICE!!!
Tomorrow you will want greener SUVs and a smaller international trade deficit

Today you want GLOBAL WARNING to disappear, vanished into thinner air

today you want CHINA INDIA RUSSIA to burn less coal,
you want NUCLEAR power stations that won’t melt
down, carbon concessions and endless credit

Peace and uninterrupted LOVE from the MIDDLE EAST
You want Saudi Arabia to burn less and export more
You want the GULF WAR WON without the war-torn-aftermath

You want the GULF of MEXICO to never run dry
and MEXICO and VENEZUELA… to burn less and export more!!!

You want the ocean running black and blue
powering an effortless stream of modcons and dotcoms

Welcome to your world has become a pristine desert
Today you desire, tomorrow you NEED OIL UNCAPPED
a broadband blanketing the globe, from horizon to HORIZON

You seek a bottomless WELL for your WELLNESS PRISON

And it doesn’t matter how much THE BURGER costs in PARIS…
at over US$200/ barrel
it don’t matter¬†shit,¬†because by then you won’t be lovin’ it

you’ll be livin’ (in) and dyin’ (in) it
thrashing out your last in mass-produced/
over-priced/ export-quality
meat jizz