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Authentic South African pop culture tees
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Comic Art T-shirts | Graphic Design T-shirts | Signature Series T-shirts

Locally Made
100% South African.

Free Delivery
On orders of four shirts or more.

Mens & Ladies, Small to XXL
Sizes to fit any body. 3XL’s on request.

What Are You Waiting For?
Shop like it’s 1999.

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Introducing Fusion | T-shirt Design collaboration 

Tshirt Terrorist Fusion is looking for designers to collaborate on our popular culture and parody t-shirt designs.
Do you design? Keen to join a growing team of talented artists working on some of the coolest, trendiest concepts?
Join us.

One of the off-shoots of a design initiative is, of course, ART…
and we have Much New Art to show, on new tee styles as well as other merch.
For new places to buy our art – check out Tshirt Terrorist Fusion 


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Established in 2004 by the enviable T-shirt Wizard, Harry Fokker, Tshirt Terrorist has everything you need. Cool graphics, sweet quality tees, and a little something extra besides. We’re different, is why. Our designs – not your average run of the mill; our style – so completely our own, and they’ll envy you for it; to the way we go about our business, which is to ensure you stay dressed in the best damn tees on the planet. Well, we like to think so anyway, and once you’ve taken a look we’re sure you’ll agree – Tshirt Terrorist makes T-shirts to die for!Hang around, make a nuisance of yourself, that’s why we’re here. We’ll make your wildest dreams come true. OK, maybe that is taking it too far, but we’ll put you on the right track at least.

The rest is up to you.